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Federal Jobs in Oklahoma

Federal Jobs in Oklahoma

The DoD represents nearly two-thirds of federal employment in Oklahoma, mostly at the Air Force Materiel Command which employs nearly 13,000 in the state. These employees work primarily at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center. Another significant federal employer is the Federal Aviation Administration which employs over 3,500, mostly at its training academy, also in Oklahoma City. The state’s large Native American has also translated into large Indian Health Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs workforces at reservations throughout Oklahoma.

Population: 3.6 million

Federal Workforce: 34,782

Largest Federal Departments / Agencies (number of employees in parentheses): Department of Defense (20,810), Department of Transportation (3,588), Department of Veterans Affairs (3,172), Department of Health and Human Services (1,695), and the Department of the Interior (1,116).

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