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Federal Accounting Careers

Federal Accounting Careers

Jonathan Zuk / GovCentral Contributor

Accountants advise on or administer, supervise, or perform professional accounting work relating to the financial activities of governmental, quasi-governmental, or private sector organizations.

The work includes the design, development, operation, or inspection of accounting systems; the prescription of accounting standards, policies, and requirements; the examination, analysis, and interpretation of accounting data, records, or reports; or the provision of accounting or financial management advice and assistance to management.

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Qualifications and Salaries

Entry-level federal accounting positions usually require a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting; or a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as Business Administration, Finance, or Public Administration that included or was supplemented by twenty-four (24) semester hours of Accounting. These positions usually start at the GS-7 level at around $36,000 per year, but salaries vary depending on locality.

Applicants for mid-level federal accounting positions also must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting plus two years of graduate education, preferably culminating in a Master’s Degree. These positions are usually at the GS-9 level and start at around $45,000 per year.

Upper-level accounting positions usually require the same qualifications as entry-level and mid-level accountants, but they also ask for an additional year of graduate education, preferably in a Ph.D program. These positions are graded at the GS-11 level and start out around $60,000 annually.

Top Hiring Agencies

Currently accounting positions are in the greatest demand at the Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Sub-agencies that are hiring the most are the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau.

Latest Federal Vacancies

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