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2011 Federal Government Jobs Outlook

2011 Federal Government Jobs Outlook

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A midyear election in which candidates ran against Washington and a troubled economy have put downward pressure on government hiring, but there are still plenty of federal job openings in Uncle Sam’s shop.

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    almost 4 years ago


    This statement is somewhat short-sighted and misleading, "If your career calls for specialized knowledge like healthcare, security/protection, compliance or enforcement or you have math, IT, science, engineering, accounting or analysis experience, you’ll find the line to get into Uncle Sam’s shop is short. “For those jobs, the competition will not be as bad as you might think,” he says."

    The author is short-changing us readers in a very real area of consideration, military personnel retiring and/or leaving active duty. These folks are stock full of the knowledge and experience hiring officials are looking for, as well as, degrees acquired while active duty, and rightly so.

    As a career civil servant looking to move forward, it has become discouraging to see anywhere from 50 to 250+ applicants for any one position. I'm an electronic technician with a degree and 25+ yrs experience. I'm applying in 4-6 different job series that are related to the field of electronics. I've been applying CONUS coast to coast and OCONUS for the last 3 yrs. The lines are not as short and welcoming as the author would like us to think.

    Just my $.02 and something to consider…Good Luck!!

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