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2010 FBI Career Fairs

2010 FBI Career Fairs


The Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with the DEA and CIA, will participate in a large number of career fairs in 2010. Many FBI representatives have stated that they expect all attendees to bring resumes and dress professionally, and try to keep conversations at job fairs on-topic and as productive as possible.

Information listed taken from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Recruiting Events page.

Please Note: The FBI is not a sponsor of the following recruitment events, only a participant.

FBI Career Fairs in Arkansas
Central Arkansas Human Resources Assoc.,5/18/2010
Festival dia del Nino, 4/25/2010

FBI Career Fairs in California
Anatolian Festival, 5/6/2010
LA Gay Pride Festival, 6/12/2010
Latinos For Hire , 4/21/2010
Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival,5/15/2010
Targeted Job Fair Event, 4/12/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Colorado
Recruit Military, 5/6/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Florida
(ALPFA) Association of Latino Professionals in Finance , 7/31/2010,5/28/2010
Job News, 4/28/2010
Statewide Job Fair, 5/13/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Georgia
NAACP Diversity Fair, 4/20/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Hawaii
Annual WorkForce, 5/19/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Illinois
Catalyst Career, 4/28/2010
Diversity Job Fair, 6/24/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Kentucky
Louisville Urban League, 6/30/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Louisiana
National Bar Association, 8/9/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Maryland
Baltimore Hires Career Fair, 5/24/2010
Central Maryland Career Fair, 5/26/2010
Federal Asian Pacific American Council,5/3/2010
New Psalmist Baptisch Church Services Fair, 5/16/2010
Patuxent River Naval Air Station, 4/27/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Michigan
AKA Sorority Regional Conference, 4/22/2010
Chaldean Chamber of Commerce, 6/11/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Minnesota
Law Enforcement Opportunities, 4/15/2010
Minnesota Veteran’s Career Fair, 5/5/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Missouri
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Boule 2010, 7/19/2010

FBI Career Fairs in New Mexico
Asian American Association of New Mexico, 5/16/2010
Career Expo, 4/21/2010
LULAC, 7/13/2010

FBI Career Fairs in New York
Asian Diversity Career Expo, 5/7/2010
NYO Security Expo, 4/30/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Ohio
Dayton Daily News Career Expo, 5/4/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Oklahoma
Red Earth Native American Festival,6/18/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Puerto Rico
Expo Empleo (El Nuevo Dia), 4/29/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Tennessee
Global Recruiting Solution, 4/28/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Texas
Employment, 5/4/2010
Ft. Bliss Army Post, 5/20/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Virginia
East Coast Career Fair, 5/5/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Washington
Corporate Gray Job Fair, 5/11/2010
Latin Pro Bilingual Job Fair, 5/13/2010
Service Academy Career Fair, 5/28/2010
Virtual Career Fair, 3/16/2010
Washington, DC. Careers & Disabled, 3/26/2010

FBI Career Fairs in Canada

Canada, National Society of Black Engineers, 3/31/2010

For more information on individual events, visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Recruiting Events page.

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