Transportation Specialist

Transportation Specialist

Kyle Stone | GovCentral Editor (Source:

Salary Range: GS-15 ($115,317 – $149,000)

Job Summary
• Serve as the national and international expert providing transportation advice to communities in the U.S.

Expected Duties and Responsibilities
• Arrange for passenger travel via plane, bus, train, or boat.
• Determine which vehicles to use based on freight or passenger-movement requirements.
• Prepare transportation requests and shipping documents.

Departments with High Demand:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Air Force

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    over 6 years ago


    Rickey Carson
    185 Owl Overlook
    Burlington, KY 41005
    404.641.6966 (CP) / 859.586.5431

    4/11/08 – 7/11/2008 Employed: Talent Tree, Ft. Mitchell, KY
    Position held: Order Puller – Temporary Position
    Duties: Pulling orders; forklift; picking, operate hand scan gun; loading and unloading incoming trucks; checking and reviewing all orders once loaded; general housekeeping; ensuring all correspondences are correct and in order prior to shipment; submit properly all reports, paper, and correspondence to office; other duties as assigned.
    Full time position: 40 hours weekly
    Supervisor: Rick Myers – 859.578.3300

    12/03/07 – Present: Employed: U. S. Post Office, 76 Clay Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45275
    Position held: Mail Handler/Mail Clerk – Temporary Position/Seasonal
    Duties: Sorting mail by zip codes and cities; pulling BMC of mail from tractor trailers and reloading. Other duties assigned.
    Supervisor: Mike; Duties: Sorting mail by zip codes and cities; pulling BMC of mail from tractor trailers and reloading. Other duties assigned.
    Supervisor: Mike; 859.371.4813

    Levi Strauss Co, P.O. Box 600 North Bend Road, Hebron, KY 41048
    2/12/07 – 9/14/07 Duties: Sorting mail by zip codes and cities; pulling BMC of mail from tractor trailers and reloading. Other duties assigned.
    Supervisor: Mike; 859.371.4813

    Position held: Flex Pack
    Duties: Scanning each unit with a hand scanner; press F-12 on the computer key board for more instructions (some computer experience) that will read which price tag to put on handler and what pack in what sized box. There are four box sizes 2, 5, 8, 12 and sometime 14. Print shipping labels on all units in the box to put and send out to shipping department. Also, pack various jean clothing into boxes for shipping to various departments. Other duties assign.
    Full time position, 40 hours weekly
    Supervisor Second Shift: Ms. Nancy Jenkins; Phone Number: 859.334.6200

    Former Employment: Qualis Automotive, 1910 International Way Hebron, KY, 41048 Office Number 513.617.7497.
    Duties: Certified forklift operator and drag operator, down sac break rotors, reboxing and chassis department. Loading and unloading; trailers of pallets break drums and rotors. Picking orders for chaste department. Also, work in re-boxing parts as they are taken out of old boxes and put into new boxes to re-labor operator wrapper machine where we wrap all parts before being shipped out to stores. Other duties assigned.
    Full time position, 40 hours weekly
    Starting date: July 2006 – February 2007
    Supervisor: Mr. Ishmael Calderon, 513.617.7653

    Former Employment: Sonic Automotive Dyer & Dyer Volvo Dealership/ 5260 Peachtree Ind. Blvd., Chamblee, GA 30341, Office Number 770.452.0077
    Position: Lead Detail Specialist
    Full Time – 12 hours per day – six (6) days per week
    Starting date: August 2004 thru Present (March 2006)
    Supervisor: Mr. Lewis Lester
    Duties: Detailing Assistant Supervisor for New and Used Cars
    Experience: Prep vehicles to detail, clean engine, clean all four door jams, trunk jam, four wheels & tires, wash complete vehicle and rise; sham down vehicles:
    Full Details: interior consist of shampooing carpet and seats, vacuuming, cleaning windows inside, blow and vacuum truck area.
    Exterior: consist of spray paint all four finder wheels, if needed buffing and or waxing is applied, if required place front and back tags, and decals in back
    Vehicles, clean crones and outside windows, tire shine, and vehicle ready for used or new car lot and or auction.

    Anointed Auto Mobile Detailing & Pressure Washing Services
    Dates: March 2006 – July 2006
    Page 2 Continued:
    New car delivery only: body silk, pull plastic off exterior and interior; do a wash and wax and clean windows; put down floor mats; shine tires; ready for delivery to put on new car lot.
    Used car delivery only: wash and vacuum; clean windows; put down floor and mats, shine tires; ready for delivery.

    Experience: Pick up and Delivery Services
    Perform duties: Express Car Wash, Deluxe plus Car Wash, Super Car Deluxe, Full Detail Car, SUVs, Trucks & Vans, Buffing & Waxing Vehicle Oil Changes, Brake jobs and Tune Ups.
    Additional work experience: Supervisory, managing experience, mechanical services; oil change; full breaks; full tune up; all air tools; spray painting; auto and body repair, painting experience; hanger tires; plug tires; fix tires; change belts and hoses; install alternator and starters, rotate tires. Machinery; waste water treatment experience, stocking; forklift; cherry picker, lawn services; and handyman. Other duties assign.

    Detailing Specialist Duties (freelance)
    Dates: June 2003 – March 2006
    Experience: Pick up and Delivery Services
    Perform duties: Express Car Wash, Deluxe plus Car Wash, Super Car Deluxe, Full Detail Car, SUVs, Trucks & Vans; Buffing & Waxing Vehicle; Oil Changes, Brake jobs and Tune Ups.

    Former Employment: Department of Transportation, Chamblee, GA
    January 2003 – June 2003
    Full time position – 40 hours weekly
    Position: Ground Maintenance Crew Worker – Welding drains and concrete skills; repair sidewalks in Fulton County.
    Experience: Ground maintenance worker, operate a variety of tools such as, e.g., riding mower, pull mower, weed eater, skilled jack hammer, shovel, skilled power saw, skilled power drill, hedge trimmer and tramp, fort lift, skilled dump truck driver, trash details, operate frond end, back hole operator, service and maintain all equipment and vehicles such as e.g., oil change, fill and gas all vehicles each day, also wash and detail all vehicles daily.

    City of Thomaston, GA: Dates: 03/92 to 10/96
    Position: Ground Maintenance Supervisor
    Experience: Supervise and maintain water works and ground maintenance, operate dump trucks, garbage trucks, and sanitation trucks, read meter readers, water meters, and install sewage lines, install water lines, install Pipe lines, operate various equipment such as, e.g., weed eater, riding mower, push mower, bush hog, and dispose waste water on land application, Back hole operation, operate trencher. Maintenance serviced on all equipment and vehicles.

    Promotion to Bell Creek Waste Water Plant Treatment (04/1993)
    Position: Waste Water Treatment Operator/Technician
    Experience: Responsible for overseeing inflow and outflow of entire waste water plant; responsible for washing down and cleaning the inflow as well as clarifiers; experience at
    working at a second waste water plant called Tom Branch (worked at two waste water plants on alternate basis). Perform sanitation duties i.e. hauling off excess waste which came off inflow strainers which prevented items such as paper, rags, plastic and the sort. Daily transport waste to land fill sites for disposal. Duties consist of taking water samples from the clarifiers on a daily basis to run various tests. Also went out twice a week to creeks to take water samples as well for contamination to ensure wild life and fish weren’t being harmed or killed. Independently pump out waste from the clarifier to the digester; pumped from the digester to the drying beds after a certain length of time (90 days or so) drying bed were cleaned out with front end loader and loader on to a dump truck for transported to land fills for disposal. Monitor inflow chart meters and out flow chart meters; maintain record keeping books of all water samplings and test for plant sites. Monitor chlorine from buildings/shops to change out cylinders as required and or requested. This duty also consisted of keeping flow meter charts for chlorine to sustain oxygen in the water. Other duties assign.

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