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January's Most In Demand Fed Jobs

January's Most In Demand Fed Jobs

Chris McConnell | GovCentral

In January’s Government Job Report, the rate of government hires remained steady as the government sector experienced a net employment gain of 4,000.

According to the latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 283,000 total hires in the government in November 2009, the majority of which were at the state and local level.

Job Openings were listed at 339,000 nationwide, down slightly from October 2009. State and Local Government job openings were 251,000; the federal government had 88,000.

Most In Demand Federal Occupations lists the following occupations as the most in demand at the federal level:

1. Medical, Dental, and Public Health 2688 2. Engineering and Architecture 2520 3. Management, Administration, Clerical, and Office Services 2139 4. Biological Sciences 1261 5. Business, Industry, and Procurement 1006 6. Information Technology 724 7. Accounting Budget and Finance 709 8. Trade and Labor 695 9. Social Science, Psychology, and Welfare 662 10. Safety, Health, and Physical and Resource Protection 575

The federal agencies with the largest number of job openings are: (Click on the Agency to search for current job vacancies.)

1. Department of the Navy 3795 2. Department of Veterans Affairs 1955 3. United States Army 1506 4. Department of the Interior 1296 5. Department of U.S. Air Force 1273 6. Department of Defense 1015 7. Department of Homeland Security 1002 8. Department of Agriculture 962 9. Department of Health and Human Services 585 10. Department of Justice 191

Looking forward, the federal government will continue to provide steady employment growth. Things look a little more bleak at the state and local level as many states are facing serious budgetary problems forcing them to decrease government services in an effort to balance their budgets.

As we continue to expand the depth and insight of our Government Job Report, we appreciate your feedback.

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