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5 Reasons to Get a Local or State Gov't Job

5 Reasons to Get a Local or State Gov't Job

Kyle Stone |

Over 8 million Americans are currently employed by local and state government organizations, and another 1.4 million jobs are expected to be created by 2014. Together, these jobs are recognized as one of the largest employers in the entire US economy. If you’re serious about finding a government job, you should not overlook opportunities to work in local and state government.

What do these jobs have to offer to you? In our opinion, a lot. This guide will walk you through 5 of the best reasons to hunt for local and state government jobs, and offers important job searching tips to ensure that you’re finding the type of job you are looking for.

5 Reasons to Get a Local or State Government Job

1. Diverse Profile of In-Demand Jobs

2. 1.4 Million New Jobs by 2014

3. State Government Jobs are High Paying

4. More Flexibility, More Job Security

5. Finding Jobs is Fast and Easy

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