5 Most Exciting Government Jobs

5 Most Exciting Government Jobs

Kyle Stone | Associate Editor, GovCentral

Fresh ideas. Innovative viewpoints. Commitment to the highest standards of excellence. A thrilling, almost grueling physical component.

Doesn’t sound like the average job for the federal government, right? Perhaps not. But just because every government job isn’t thrilling, we should not come to the conclusion that EVERY government job is boring. In fact, I was so tired of hearing people stereotype government work as antiquated, tedious, and methodical, that I decided to create the ultimate guide to exciting government careers.

What I learned in this process was that exciting government jobs do not only exist in abundance, but also that some fast-paced government careers are actually in high demand right now. So, if you’re feeling like you’ll never actually see the action involved in a “high-velocity career path,” it might be time to think again.

Here are the five most exciting and rewarding Federal Government Careers:


5. Chemist | Scientist

4. Astronaut | Aerospace

3. Combat Specialty Officer

2. Secret Service

1. Homeland Security

Don’t agree with these choices? Which jobs make your list?

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