Combat Specialty Officer: Most Exciting Government Jobs

Combat Specialty Officer: Most Exciting Government Jobs

Kyle Stone | Associate Editor, GovCentral

Are you a member of the US military considering a switch to a government job – but not willing to sit behind a desk in an air-conditioned office from 9 to 5? Combat specialty officers plan and direct military operations, oversee combat activities, and serve as combat leaders. As such, they are put in charge of tanks and other armored assault vehicles, artillery systems, Special Forces, and infantry.

Combat specialty officers normally specialize by the type of unit that they lead. Within the unit, they may specialize by type of weapon system. Artillery and missile system officers, for example, direct personnel as they target, launch, test, and maintain various types of missiles and artillery. Special operations officers lead their units in offensive raids, demolitions, intelligence gathering, and search-and-rescue missions.

In Demand Occupations

Detectives and Criminal Investigators
Projected Salary: $73,000
Employees Needed: 10,000
Projected Growth: 18% – 26%
Average Education Level: College or Higher
Who’s Hiring: Army, Department of Homeland Security, Air Force


Federal Intelligence Officer
Combat Operations Staff Officer
WMD Elimination Plans Officer
Mortuary Affairs Coordinator

Job Fairs

Military Career Fairs

How to Prepare

A degree from an Accredited University, as well as a Security Clearance will help you get hired by as a Special Officer for the US Military.

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4. Astronaut | Aerospace Technician 2. Secret Service

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