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Government Job Report - Top States for Federal Jobs (December 2009)

Government Job Report - Top States for Federal Jobs (December 2009)

Chris McConnell | GovCentral

In this week’s edition of the Government Job Report, we turn towards state level hiring for job vacancies with the federal government.

As we reported last week, the rate of hiring for government jobs is slowing, but a lot of opportunity is still available for those with the skills and experience the federal government is looking for.

Looking through, we found over 14,000 vacancies that were located in 50 states plus the District of Columbia. However, USAJOBS is always tricky in how they list their announcements. Sometimes a vacancy announcement may say that it is located in multiple locations throughout the U.S. and doesn’t show up immediately in our searches.

The states with the most largest number of current job vacancies in the federal government are as followed:

  1. California - 1187 job vacancies
  2. Virginia - 1154 job vacancies
  3. Maryland - 934 job vacancies
  4. District of Columbia - 919 job vacancies
  5. Texas - 805 job vacancies

When searching for job vacancies that fit your work and education experience, it’s important to expand your search beyond USAJOBS. GovCentral pulls vacancy announcements from USAJOBS but our career search tool also has access to and thousands of additional job listings. These are filtered for the government, so many job listings are for government contracting jobs.

Click here to see the states with the most federal job vacancies

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