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Quiz Series: What's Your Government Specialty?

Quiz Series: What's Your Government Specialty?

Kyle Stone | Associate Editor, GovCentral

You’re interested in a career in Government work – but did you ever stop to think about what type of work, specifically, you are interested in doing? The field of Government work represents a multitude of career paths – would you prefer to be an Engineer for the Navy, designing ships and submarines, or an aerospace technologist for NASA? A chemist for the Food and Drug Administration, or a physical therapist for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs? A CIA investigator, or an employee of local or state government?

You should make the most of your career by choosing a specialization that matches your personality. GovCentral has compiled a set of comprehensive mini-quizzes to help our members discover where their true passion for government work is the strongest. Jump in and find your niche!

NEW AND IMPROVED QUIZ: Which Federal Jobs Are Right for You?

1. NASA | Aerospace Engineer

2. Special Agent

3. Biologist | Scientist

4. Health and Medical Professional

5. Government Human Resources Professional

6. Staffing and Recruiting

7. Economist

8. Postal Service Worker

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