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Conclusion: Are You Successful? Can You Advance?

Conclusion: Are You Successful? Can You Advance?

Kyle Stone | GovCentral Contributing Writer

Congratulations! Now that you’re settling into your government job, you’re starting to reap the benefits of an aspiring career, with all of the responsibility and hard work that comes with it. How should you proceed?

Avoid the 10 Worst Government Job Blunders

Now that you’ve landed yourself a sweet government job, you’ve got to worry about your performance. We’ve all heard stories of employees which are qualified for the work that they do, but just don’t have enough composure or self-discipline to deliver quality work, consistently. Read on.

What to Expect in Your First Few Weeks

It is likely that you’ll enter into a probationary period that will last anywhere from 6 to 12 months following the date of your being hired. In many agencies you are not protected from termination until your probationary period ends, so you want to be sure you do everything right. Here are some things to keep in mind:

● Your higher-ups will watch you closer than they may watch other employees

● You may get stuck with less than desirable assignments; it is part of the learning process

● Always be courteous and don’t overstep your bounds

● You still don’t know everything, so don’t act like it

● Reputations rub off easily – choose the right employees to associate with

SLOW DOWN! Taking an extra 30 seconds to organize yourself is almost always worth it.

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