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Step 6: Getting Ready for the Exams

Step 6: Getting Ready for the Exams

Kyle Stone | GovCentral Contributing Writer

If you’re serious about working for the government, it’s time to get serious about your performance on civil service exams, entrance exams, KSA ratings, and other methods of assessment used by government employers.

Although not every government agency will administer written exams, all agencies are interested in assessing each applicant’s profile before an actual interview takes place. In the agency’s opinion, the sooner they can determine whether or not an applicant is actually qualified and eligible for a position in demand, the better.

Your resume, as well as your responses to the core and self-assessment questions, are integral in determining your basic and specialized qualifications for the position at hand.

What to Expect from Self-Assessments

Just when you got those pesky knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) statements under your belt when applying to federal government jobs, a new trend has emerged: Self-assessment questions.

Also called job-specific questions, self-assessment questions are found in increasing numbers of government agencies’ applications. They will be new to some federal job seekers, but don’t be put off. These questions are intended to simplify the federal application process by replacing KSA job-element statements.

Familiarize yourself with their format to ensure you answer them to your best advantage.

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