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Government Job Report - Top Hiring Federal Agencies (November 2009)

Government Job Report - Top Hiring Federal Agencies (November 2009)


The Government Job Report is a new monthly feature on GovCentral. At the beginning of every month, GovCentral will publish its rankings of the federal agencies with the highest number of current job openings.

As you’ll notice, the top 5 ranked agencies for this month are either branches of the military or work with veterans. We based the ranking based on current openings for civilian employment, not active-duty military service.

We thank you for visiting GovCentral and want to make this report a valuable resource for you.

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  1. Department of the Navy – 5000 openings
  2. United States Army - 4878 openings
  3. Department of Veterans Affairs – 3720 openings
  4. Department of the Air Force – 2581 openings
  5. Department of Defense – 2102 openings
  6. Department of Homeland Security – 1781 openings
  7. Department of Agriculture – 1583 openings
  8. Department of Health and Human Services – 1262 openings
  9. Department of the Interior – 855 openings
  10. Department of Justice – 620 openings
  11. Department of the Treasury – 421 openings
  12. Multi-Agency – 391 openings
  13. Department of Commerce – 362 openings
  14. Department of Transportation – 343 openings
  15. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – 300 openings
  16. Social Security Administration – 232 openings
  17. National Aeronautics & Space Administration – 157 openings
  18. Environmental Protection Agency – 139 openings
  19. Department of State – 134 openings
  20. Department of Labor – 126 openings
  21. Department of Energy – 92 openings
  22. General Services Administration – 72 openings
  23. Agency for International Development – 56 openings
  24. Nuclear Regulatory Commission – 46 openings
  25. Department of Housing and Urban Development – 41 openings


  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 5 years ago


    Unless it's found elsewhere on this website, would it be possible to show some trending on the total or average number of applicants (qualified vs highly qualified) for various types of jobs by agency? This would provide some great insight as an applicant, especially someone like me trying to get into the government mid-career from the private sector. Thank you for starting this report! Look forward to seeing additional data.

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