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How to Become a Foreign Service Officer

How to Become a Foreign Service Officer

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The Last Step: The Register, Assignment, and Training

Approval by the Final Review Panel earns you a place on a list called The Register. This is a list of successful candidates based on rank and career path. Think of it as a group of smart kids wait-listed at an Ivy-league college.

The State Department will appoint you to a career path in the Foreign Service, which you may decline. If you decline a second appointment, your name will be taken off The Register. If you want to improve your rank on the Register, you must begin the application process anew. Frankly this sounds less appealing than eating cold mushy spinach.

Assignment and Training

Once you have accepted an appointment with the Foreign Service, you will go through a rigorous training regiment at the National Foreign Training Center in Arlington, VA. Training can last three-months to one-year before departure to your first assignment.

So Are you Ready for the Foreign Service?

A career as a Foreign Service Officer is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Representing the United States in an official capacity overseas is an honor that not everyone is lucky enough to have.

More than anything else, a commitment to the work that the Foreign Service does is critical to making it through the selection process as well as enjoying a fruitful career trotting across the globe.

Apply to become a Foreign Service Officer

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