Converting to NSPS: What You Need to Know

Do I need to do anything to ensure my position converts to NSPS?

No. Your position converts automatically into NSPS based on your permanent position of record.

Will I lose salary when my position converts to NSPS?

No. Your position converts into NSPS based on your permanent position of record without a loss of pay. If eligible, you may receive a salary increase equal to the amount you would have earned towards your next within grade increase (WGI). The WGI buy-in is a process used during conversion to pay employees for time spent working towards their next step increase.

If I am at a Step 10 of my grade, do I receive a Within-Grade-Increase (WGI) buy-in?

No. If you are at step 10 you are ineligible for a WGI buy-in because you have already received 10 step increases under the GS system.

What happens to my retirement, health insurance, and other benefits when I convert to NSPS?

NSPS does not affect rules governing retirement benefits and eligibility, health and life insurance, leave, attendance, and other similar benefits.

How is my appraisal rating converted into NSPS?

DoD employees who convert into NSPS and have a non-NSPS rating of record:
● Above unacceptable are assigned a rating of Level 3 (Valued Performer).
● Of unacceptable are assigned a rating of Level 1(Unacceptable).

Once you receive an NSPS rating of record, it replaces the converted rating.

If I am in a developmental position how do I receive pay increases under NSPS?

● If you are in a developmental position, you are eligible for performance-based pay in recognition of your performance and contributions.
● Your performance must be rated at Level 3 (Valued Performer) or higher.
● Your performance payout may be in the form of a salary increase, bonus, or combination of both.

● If you are assigned to Pay Band 1 of Professional, Analytical, or Investigative pay schedules and have a rating of record of Level 3 (Valued Performer) or higher, you are eligible for pay increases under the Accelerated Compensation for Developmental Positions (ACDP) that.
● Recognize growth and development in acquiring job related competencies and successful performance of job objectives.
● Offer an increase to your base salary, bonus, or combination of both based on performance.
● May increase your base salary within Pay Band 1 by up to 20 percent.

● Another type of pay increase is promotion from Pay Band 1 to Pay Band 2 (don’t we mean for individuals in professional/analytical pay schedule or equivalent – i.e., not technical).
● Employees are eligible for this noncompetitive promotion because they have already competed for the next higher level.
● When management promotes employees from Pay Band 1 to Pay Band 2, employees are eligible to receive a significant pay increase (from 6 percent to 20 percent or even higher with management approval).

● During the first 12 months after conversion, employees who are not eligible for the ACDP provision (not in Pay Band 1) are eligible to receive pay increases for noncompetitive promotion equivalents when: (this is very confusing)
● Grade level of the promotion is encompassed within the same pay band
● Employee’s performance warrants the pay increase; and
● Promotion would have otherwise occurred during that period.

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