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Realty Specialist

Job Title

Realty Specialist


Department of the Interior


Bureau of Land Management


A Bureau Realty Specialist is responsible for the acquisition, disposal, and/or management of real property assets, and in the investigation and resolution of the most complex and involved problems having possible economic, social, or political impact upon the Bureau, the Agency, other agencies, the community and/or the environment.

Do you ever wonder why telephone lines and power lines cross where they do, or why some lands are owned by private individuals and others by the public? If so, you might like to become a realty specialist. A BLM realty specialist helps to provide use of public land through rights-of-way, leases, easements and permits. Lands are also patented (ownership is transferred) through sales and exchanges. A realty specialist gathers information about many uses of the public lands, such as wildlife, range, recreation, minerals, etc., and evaluates how these uses would be affected by a proposed action such as granting a right-of-way or exchanging lands. As part of his or her job, a realty specialist may work with the public, members of Congress, commercial land users, and others on issues related to public land use or disposal, land ownership, access, property boundary surveys, and public land titles and records. A college degree is not required to become a realty specialist; however, college courses in business, real estate, English, and natural resources are recommended. High school courses in English, speech, math, and earth sciences are also helpful to anyone considering a career as a realty specialist. (Information Courtesy BLM)


Previous experience in Real Estate is pretty much required. Experience in commercial real estate, ie office space, warehouses, etc., will put you at an advantage over other candidates.


For the 2010 Fiscal Year this is projected to be between $72,465.00 and $ 94,200.00. Congress is still debating the pay increase. The salary may vary based on the locality of the position.

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