Types of Veteran's Preference

5-Point Preference

Five points are added to the passing examination score of a veteran who served:

  1. During the period December 7, 1941, to July 1, 1955; or
  2. For more than 180 consecutive days, any part of which occurred after January 31, 1955, and before October 15, 1976; or
  3. During the Gulf War from August 2, 1990 through January 2, 1992; or
  4. In a campaign or expedition for which a campaign medal has been authorized, including El Salvador, Grenada, Haiti, Lebanon, Panama, Somalia, Southwest Asia, and Bosnia.

Note: Medal holders and Gulf War veterans who enlisted after September 7, 1980, or entered on active duty on or after October 14, 1982, must have served continuously for 24 months or the full period called or ordered to active duty. The service requirement does not apply to veterans with compensable service-connected disabilities, or to veterans separated for disability in the line of duty, or for hardship. 10-Point Preference

Ten points are added to the passing examination score of:

  1. A veteran who served any time and who (1) has a present service- connected disability or (2) is receiving compensation, disability retirement benefits, or pension from the military or the Department of Veterans Affairs. Individuals who received a Purple Heart qualify as disabled veterans.
  2. An unmarried spouse of certain deceased veterans, a spouse of a veteran unable to work because of a service-connected disability, and
  3. A mother of a veteran who died in service or who is permanently and totally disabled.

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