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U.S. Marshals

U.S. Marshals

Chris McConnell | GovCentral

Department/Agency: United States Marshal

The U.S. Marshals Service is the nation’s oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency. Federal Marshals have served the country since 1789, oftentimes in unseen but critical ways. To this day, the Marshals occupy a uniquely central position in the federal justice system. It is the enforcement arm of the federal courts, and as such, it is involved in virtually every federal law enforcement initiative.


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Locations: Headquarters is located just across the Potmac Revier from Washington, D.C. 94 District offices; 218 sub-offices, and three foreign field offices.

Pay: All positions are filled at the GL-5 or GL-7 entry levels. A GL-5 can earn between $36,658 and $41,260. A GL-7 between $41,729 and $49,969 (both as of January 2008). Pay is also determined on the geographic location. <a href:“”>(See OPM’s lcoality pay-scale)

Qualifying Education: Most positions require at minimum a 4-year college degree or a minimum of three years of responsible volunteer or paid experience. For example, this would mean a previous career in law enforcement, teaching, or work in a correctional institution.


    94 U.S. Marshals, one for each federal court district 3,324 Deputy U.S. Marshals and Criminal Investigators 1,483 administrative employees and detention enforcement officers Total employees: Approximately 4,901

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