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U.S. Maritime Administration

U.S. Maritime Administration

Chris McConnell | GovCentral

Department/Agency: U.S. Maritime Administration

As an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the mission of the Maritime Administration is to promote the development and maintenance of an adequate, well-balanced United States merchant marine, sufficient to carry the Nation’s domestic waterborne commerce and a substantial portion of its waterborne foreign commerce, and capable of serving as a naval and military auxiliary in time of war or national emergency.

From the U.S. Martime Administration website

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Pay: GS-5 to GS-15 (Projected 2010 GS Scale: $27,810 to $131,305)

Education Required: Most positions require at minimum a four-year college degree or equivalent work experience.

Career Paths
Maritime careers typically belong to one of the following shipboard departments:

• Deck — navigation, cargo handling, and management • Engineering — propulsion, maintenance and management • Steward/hotel — food services, sanitation, and accommodations

State Maritime Academies
The Maritime Administration vigorously supports maritime training and education programs. Our intent is to improve the quality of the U.S. maritime industry through improved services to the people who serve at sea and those who work ashore in diverse professions such as shipbuilding, steamship company operations and port operations. Recent events in the world have required the Maritime Administration to address an array of security and training issues to provide a safer and more efficient operation of the merchant marine of the United States.

There are six State Martime Academies (SMA’s) across the country:

    California Maritime Academy
  1. Maine Maritime Academy
  2. Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  3. Great Lakes Maritime Academy
  4. Texas Maritime Academy
  5. and the State University of New York Maritime College.

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    This summary fails to mention the federal academy funded and operated by the Maritime Administration. It is the US Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) in Kings Point NY. See the website at . The Maritime Administration subsidizes the state schools to some degree but they are actually part of their respective state university systems. USMMA is operated similar to the other federal academies (only under DoT, not DoD) and graduates have a five year commitment to serve in the Merchant Marine. While the state schools graduate decent mariners, they do not have the same obligation as USMMA. USMMA is considered by most (with the exception of some state school graduates with a chip on their shoulder) to be the premier institute in the world for training merchant mariners.

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