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U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Forest Service

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Career Paths

Forest Service careers in professional scientific and engineering fields require college degrees, except in Research where advanced degrees are needed. Forest Service professionals work in physical, biological and engineering disciplines applying their expertise to meet the challenges of our mission.

Common Professional career path positions Click to download detailed job descripts and education requirements (PDF).

  1. Forester
  2. Soil Scientist
  3. Range Management Specialist
  4. Hydrologist
  5. Geologist
  6. Ecologist
  7. Biologist
  8. Entomologist
  9. Botanist
  10. Archeologist
  11. Fish Biologist
  12. Wildlife Biologist
  13. Outdoor Recreation Planner
  14. Engineer
  15. Civil Engineer
  16. Lanscape Architect

The technical workforce is the backbone of the Forest Service. Many technical positions do not require a college degree and they present wide-ranging combinations of challenging and interesting work.

Search for jobs with the U.S. Forest Service

  1. Forestry Technician [PDF 85KB*]
  2. Engineering Technician [PDF 89KB*]
  3. Electronics Technician
  4. Biological Science Technician [PDF 106KB*]
  5. Law Enforcement Officer [PDF 80KB*]

Administrative occupations support a wide range of Forest Service business operations.

Search for jobs with the U.S. Forest Service

  1. Criminal Investigator [PDF 84KB*]
  2. Supervisory Law Enforcement Officer Teacher [PDF 91KB*]
  3. Education and Training Specialist
  4. Education and Vocational Specialist
  5. Guidance Counselor [PDF 101KB*]
  6. Social Services Assistant [PDF 111KB*]
  7. Accountant [PDF 105KB*]
  8. Accounting Technician
  9. Public Affairs Specialist [PDF 91KB*]
  10. Realty Specialist [PDF 80KB*]
  11. Contract Specialist [PDF 95KB*]
  12. Human Resources Specialist [PDF 92KB*]

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