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The 25 Federal Agencies Hiring the Fastest

The 25 Federal Agencies Hiring the Fastest - Last Update June 30th, 2008

Federal agencies fill their jobs like private industry. Most Federal agencies are responsible for their own hiring actions. It’s important for all federal job seekers to keep on top of which agencies are hiring the most and what positions they are hiring for. Since the federal government keeps track of which agencies have the most vacancies to fill, we can disseminate this information to you very easily on a monthly bases. Stay tuned for updates!

Below are the top ten agencies for federal jobs as of April 22nd, 2008:

1) Air Force Personnel Center

Job Postings: 113,861 Trend: +14.11%

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2) Navy Field Offices

Job Postings: 10,653 Trend: -0.12%

3) Veterans Health Administration

Job Postings: 9,210 Trend: +6.1%

4) Army Corps of Engineers

Job Postings: 2,689 Trend: +2.79%

5) Army Medical Command

Job Postings: 2, 440 Trend: +6.5%

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