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Listed below are several job titles which are either in high demand or difficult to recruit. The State of Alabama Personnel Department is now accepting applications for these positions. There is continuous hiring occurring throughout the year for each of these jobs. If you are interested in applying, simply click the job title above it’s description and you will access the recruitment announcement for that job. This announcement will describe the minimum qualifications required of successful applicants, how to apply, the selection procedure and other employment skills.


Advance Your Career

Salary Range: $32,755.20 – $49,639.20

This is beginning professional level accounting work in the application of accounting and auditing principles, methods, and procedures in the establishment, analysis, and maintenance of fiscal records. Employees in this class perform professional accounting and auditing work of routine difficulty according to established procedures and regulations. Employees may also assist higher-level accountants in providing specific analysis, interpretation, and preparation of complex financial reports. Other employees in this class perform various phases of complex audits and make professional decisions and judgments in accordance with generally accepted auditing and accounting practices.

Conservation Enforcement Officer

Salary Range: $31,968.00 – $57,504.00

After completing required training, Conservation Enforcement Officers are responsible for the enforcement of conservation laws pertaining to game and fish, seafood, water safety, and parks. Work is performed outdoors under varied climatic conditions, is usually performed alone, and includes interpreting laws and regulations for the public, investigating conservation conditions, and apprehending violators which requires knowledge of laws and procedures as well as judgment and tact in public contacts. Instructions are given as necessary by a superior officer who makes inspections of field work, assists in more complex enforcement problems, and reviews reports of activities.

Correctional Officer Trainee

Salary Range: $27,552.00 – $41,872.80

This is correctional security work as a trainee that consists of formal and on-the-job training of the policies and procedures associated with the custody and rehabilitation of inmates within a correctional institution. Employees in this class learn to maintain security of a correctional institution and to observe and participate in the supervision, control, and custody of offenders. Work is performed under close supervision by a training officer or higher ranking correctional officer following established standards and guidelines.

Engineering Assistant

Salary Range: $23,181.60 – $35,256.00

This is work of limited skill in assisting on engineering projects and related activities. This class represents the entry level for engineering positions in design, construction, traffic surveying, and materials testing. Employees perform simple tasks in the field, office or laboratory such as serving as rodman or targetman on a survey crew, inspecting simple construction project activities, computing quantities, areas and project costs, counting and classifying motor vehicles, performing simple materials testing, acting as recorder with a road inventory party and assisting in the inspection of bridges and bridge structures. Incumbents are employed with no prior experience and receive training in one or more of the engineering specialty areas.


Salary Range: $31,195.20 – $52,168.80

This is professional work in providing nutritional services including assessment, counseling, and education as a part of a public health program in an assigned area, a rehabilitation service program, or a senior services program. Work may involve assessing the nutritional status of patient/clients or population groups; identifying actual and potential nutritional health problems or needs based upon analysis of data collected; developing intervention strategies; developing therapeutic diets based on patients/clients eating habits and physician’s prescription/order, including special plans for high risk patients; writing nutrition care plans for program participants/high risk patients, participating in the planning and coordination of meal and other home and community based nutrition services for older adults, participating in nutrition education programs in schools, senior centers, or communities; monitoring Woman, Infants, and Children (WIC) or Nutrition Program for the Elderly (NPE) vendor activities; and providing WIC vendor, NPE vendor, or other program personnel training.

Real Property Valuation Analyst

Salary Range: $31,968.00 – $57,504.00

This is technical and professional work in appraising property needed for Alabama Department of Transportation purposes. Employees are responsible for preparing and assisting others in preparing property appraisals. Job activities include preparation and/or oversight of moderately complex appraisals; assisting others in the preparation of field appraisals of land tracts and building removal costs; advising city and county authorities regarding acquisition procedures; keeping detailed records on securing property; preparing individual property maps, property descriptions, deeds, and estimates of cost of reports; and researching probate records, tax assessor records, and other public records to verify property ownership.

Rehabilitation Staff Nurse

Salary Range: $34,387.20 – $57,504.00

Employees in this classification perform progressively responsible services in the field of community health nursing as applied to children with disabilities and their families. Employees are expected to provide clinical care and assist in promoting and developing services for children with special health care needs and their families in an assigned area of the state. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the District Supervisor or a Nurse Coordinator, and is reviewed through consultation and inspection of reports for conformance to policies and procedures.

Alabama State Troopers

Salary Range: $34,387.20 – $57,504.00

After completing required training, Troopers are responsible for enforcing state laws, making routine patrols of state highways, directing traffic, and investigating accidents and crimes in an assigned area.

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