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Ten Fastest Growing State and Local Gov't Jobs

Ten Fastest Growing State and Local Gov't Jobs

Kyle Stone | GovCentral Editor

According to federal statistics, state and local governments are expected to hire nearly 1.4 million new workers over the next ten years. Combine this number with the large number of vacancies that are expected to arise as more baby boomers retire and you realize that states and localities will be very busy with recruiting over the next decade.

Most job growth is in legal, financial, and municipal planning related careers. Below is a list of the ten state and local government jobs that are expected register the highest percentage increases over the next decade.

1) Lawyer

New Jobs (2006-16): 24,300

Percent Increase: 27.6

2) Criminal Investigator / Detective

New Jobs (2006-16): 13,100

Percent Increase: 19.8

3) Accountant / Auditor

New Jobs (2006-16): 13,000

Percent Increase: 16.1

4) Correctional Officer

New Jobs (2006-16): 64,600

Percent Increase: 10.9

5) Computer Specialist

New Jobs (2006-16): 18,000

Percent Increase: 12.7

6) EMS Dispatcher

New Jobs (2006-16): 10,900

Percent Increase: 12.5

7) Waste Management Operator

New Jobs (2006-16): 10,800

Percent Increase: 12.1

8) Firefighter

New Jobs (2006-16): 33,400

Percent Increase: 12.1

9) Library Technician

New Jobs (2006-16): 7,200

Percent Increase: 12.0

10) Urban and Regional Planner

New Jobs: 2,782

Percent Increase: 10.7

Source: Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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