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Five Steps to a State or Local Gov't Job

Five Steps to a State or Local Gov't Job

Wisconsin State Capitol (source: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture)

Jonathan Zuk / GovCentral Contributor

Step 3: Search for State Jobs

Most state/local governments either post job openings on their individual home pages or through large career search portals, such as

The best way to search via a large career search portal would be to use the “Search by Keywords” option. If you know the municipality or state where you want to locate, just type its full name, “City of …” or “State of …” in quotes in the “Keywords” field. You should also select one or multiple job categories to further filter your search.

Searching job search portals may produce more overall results, but these listings are far from comprehensive. Most state and local governments post all of their job postings only on their home pages. It is usually only when a position needs to be filled quickly that these small governments are willing to pay for external promotion. State and local governments interview for most positions on a continuous basis, so a visit to their homepage would ensure that you are casting the widest net possible in your job search.

Start your search here.

Step 4: Learn More About the Department/Division Where You Are Applying

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