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Five Steps to a State or Local Gov't Job

Five Steps to a State or Local Gov't Job

Wisconsin State Capitol (source: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture)

Jonathan Zuk / GovCentral Contributor

Frustrated searching for a federal job? It may not all be your fault. Though government spending is still increasing, the growth of new federal government jobs is actually slowing down. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, federal government employment is expected to decrease by 3.7 percent by 2016. Though there will still be several thousands of federal vacancies due to baby boomer retirements, most new government and policy job growth will come state and local governments.

These government areas in particular are expected to show steady job growth, with overall employment expected to increase by over 1.4 million, or 7.4 percent over the next ten years. Though sometimes lower-paying, these positions usually require shorter hiring processes than their federal counterparts.

Follow these five steps to find the perfect state or local government job by clicking “next” below, or click on a specific topic that is of interest to you.

Step 1: Decide the Municipality/State Where You Want to Work

Step 2: Learn More About State/Local Job Titles that Interest You

Step 3: Search for State Jobs

Step 4: Learn More About the Department/Division Where You Are Applying

Step 5: Apply for the Job

Not sure why you need a government job? Here are five reasons.

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