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Are you considering transitioning from business to government? According to government human resource professionals, you’ll need to watch where you step.

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    GS Pay Scale FAQs

    GS Pay Scale FAQs
    While we're constantly working to improve our guide to the GS Pay Scale, it can still be a confusing system. We created this page in order to answer any specific questions you might have about the Pay Scale. Since many users seem to have similar question, we'll continue to post the questions we receive here, along with the best answers we ...
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    How to Make Your Government Interview a Success

    How to Make Your Government Interview a Success
    You’ve submitted your application and made the list of best qualified candidates -- now you’ve landed an interview for a federal job. Think the most important part of the application process is over? Think again. Federal hiring managers do not merely conduct employment interviews; they rely heavily on them to identify the best candidate. So how can you best prepare for ...
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    Explosive Growth in Government Jobs

    Explosive Growth in Government Jobs
    Are you searching for a career where you can have real impact on America's economic and political future? If so, you should already be considering government jobs. With thousands of different careers to choose from, the government sector offers something for everyone - especially since the US government is looking to hire more employees at a rapid pace. There is no ...
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    Sample KSA Responses

    Sample KSA Responses
    h4. TWO QUICK KSA EXAMPLES Knowledge of health sciences. - While in college pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Allied Health, I took courses in (give specific examples which show you have knowledge of anatomy and physiology). At the same time, I gained additional knowledge of health in my position at.... In this job I was responsible for (give specific examples). Performing ...
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    6 Sloppy Speech Habits to Avoid

    You may look good on paper or in your suit, but if you're looking to nail your big interview, looks aren't everything. How you sound is often more important. But many job seekers let careless speech habits sink their chances of landing that plum job. The Bottom Line: You don't have to study elocution to speak well. Simply slow down, ...
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