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Are you considering transitioning from business to government? According to government human resource professionals, you’ll need to watch where you step.

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    What Not to Say During an Interview

    The truth is most people sabotage their own interviews. Instead of putting their best foot forward, they put off the interviewer by acting cocky, unsure of their talent, having bad manners, or by simply acting weird. GovCentral has interviewed several recruitment experts to bring you unbelievable true stories of what actually happens behind interview doors. If you want to land ...
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    6 Sloppy Speech Habits to Avoid

    You may look good on paper or in your suit, but if you're looking to nail your big interview, looks aren't everything. How you sound is often more important. But many job seekers let careless speech habits sink their chances of landing that plum job. The Bottom Line: You don't have to study elocution to speak well. Simply slow down, ...
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    The Future of Government

    The Future of Government
    Our current system of government rests on faulty assumptions about how people think and vote. To deal with the world's most challenging problems—present and future—it needs fundamental change. [gate] This guest post is part of GOOD's series with the Institute for the Future. Last week Mathias introduced you to the need for futures thinking in our society. And it requires no ...
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    Government Jobs: Extra Effort Can Pay Off

    Government Jobs: Extra Effort Can Pay Off
    Do you want an employer with an established reputation? Are good benefits and an even better retirement plan important to you? Do you want to make a difference? Consider a career with Uncle Sam. [gate] The federal government is on a hiring spree and will be for the foreseeable future. "There's a huge need to get high-quality, top talent working for ...
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    8 Do's and Don'ts to Landing a Temporary Job

    8 Do's and Don'ts to Landing a Temporary Job
    If you’re a highly qualified professional who has been unemployed for a while, you may eventually have to find a “Plan B” job to pay your bills until the job market improves and you can return to your preferred type of work. There’s no shame in that, but landing a temporary survival job can be harder than you think -- there ...
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