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    The Benefit of Having Security Clearance

    A security clearance convinces government-sector employers that a person is able and willing to safeguard classified national security information. It also means that a person is noncriminal in nature, has undergone one or several security background investigations, and is easier to instate in a job where security clearance is necessary than other applicants may be. h3. Benefits of Having Active or ...
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    Getting a Security Clearance ... In a Nutshell

    Whether you work for a private employer or a Federal agency . Personal . .   When you need access to classified national security information… the Federal agency Security Officer will have you fill out this: STANDARD FORM 86     It asks you for a lot of personal history information and a lot of names and addresses.   We’ll ask ...
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    CIA Jobs: Opportunities, Fairs, and More

    CIA Jobs: Opportunities, Fairs, and More
    CIA Agents are famous protagonists on television shows and movies, and is a fantasy job for many a youngster. But why make it a dream? Turn it into a reality. According to the Central Intelligence Agency website "The CIA offers exciting career opportunities and a dynamic environment. We're on the forefront of world-altering events — as they happen. So working here ...
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    Government Scams and Myths: Be Informed, Stay Smart

    Government Scams and Myths: Be Informed, Stay Smart
    You never have to pay for information about job vacancies or employment opportunities with the U.S. government or U.S. Postal Service. But some scam artists are victimizing many Americans by selling information about federal job opportunities. These scam artists advertise in the classified sections of newspapers and offer – for a fee – to help job seekers find and apply for ...
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