Are You an Expert Federal Resume Builder?

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Are you ready to actually apply for federal jobs?

Many first-time federal job seekers do not realize that there is more than one federal resume builder website where jobs are posted for various agencies. It's a good idea to get ready to apply for federal jobs by posting your resume at more than one website. The USAJOBS site is the most popular, but there are others.

Note: if you want an Army Civilian position, you MUST submit your resume on the Army website. Also, remember that just because your resume is posted on a federal jobs website, you have not necessarily APPLIED FOR A JOB. The actually applying for the job is usually a 2nd or 3rd step. Read the directions on "How to Apply" in the vacancy announcement.

This quiz was designed by Kathryn Troutman, author of the best-selling, award-winning, Ten Steps to a Federal Job, 2nd Edition, which will help you put your very best foot forward in your federal job search.

Take the quiz below to see how "ready" you are to "apply" for federal jobs.

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    Is your resume posted at www.usajobs.gov?

    This is the most important website for federal job applications. Most federal agencies will use the USAJOBS resume builder, but not all. Read the instructions on "how to apply" in the vacancy announcement to determine where the resume should be posted and for other instructions to follow to apply for a position.

Is your resume posted at www.avuecentral.com?

This is the website where Department of Justice, U.S. Agency for International Development, Library of Congress, and 12 other agencies require resumes and post their job announcements. The job announcements for these agencies are posted on USAJOBS and AVUE, but the resume builder is on AVUE. The How to Apply instructions will give you the information about which builder to use.