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    Seven Steps to Finding a Mid-Career Federal Job

    Seven Steps to Finding a  Mid-Career Federal Job
    Here's a question I see quite often on the Government Careers message board: I'm in my mid-career and am finding that my career is coming to an end because of downturns in my industry. The jobs are drying up, and my pay isn't keeping up with inflation, so I need to make a change soon. I'm thinking about working for the ...
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    How to Start Your Federal Job Search

    How to Start Your Federal Job Search
    When you start, search for all jobs, because many job titles are different in government. In addition to searching Monster for jobs, search the government's official jobs Web site, USAJOBS. You'll learn where the jobs are, the agencies that are hiring, the salaries they pay, the duties of the job and the job titles. Spend some time to find jobs you're ...
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    Glossary of Federal Terms

    Glossary of Federal Terms
    h4. A ABANDONMENT OF POSITION — When an employee (e.g., DD04) are considered as one agency fails to report for duty and does not submit a resignation. ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE (AWOL) — Absence without prior approval, a non-pay status resulting from an Agency determination that it will not grant any type of leave (not even leave without pay) for a period ...
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