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    Ten Steps to Getting a Government Job

    Ten Steps to Getting a Government Job
    You're interested in working for the US government, but you're not exactly sure what to do first. Maybe you're having difficulty figuring out what type of government job would best match the skills that you have. What are the major branches of the Government? How many jobs are available? What agencies will be hiring rapidly over the next few years? Find ...
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    Glossary of Federal Terms

    Glossary of Federal Terms
    h4. A ABANDONMENT OF POSITION — When an employee (e.g., DD04) are considered as one agency fails to report for duty and does not submit a resignation. ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE (AWOL) — Absence without prior approval, a non-pay status resulting from an Agency determination that it will not grant any type of leave (not even leave without pay) for a period ...
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    What Are KSAs?

    What Are KSAs?
    KSAs are often a critical part of the Federal job application process, but most Federal job applicants are often confused about exactly what a KSA is. The information provided below provides a brief overview of KSAs and their part in the Federal hiring process. What does KSA mean? "KSA" is an abbreviation for knowledge, skills, and abilities. KSAs are attributes required ...
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