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    Glossary of Federal Terms

    Glossary of Federal Terms
    h4. A ABANDONMENT OF POSITION — When an employee (e.g., DD04) are considered as one agency fails to report for duty and does not submit a resignation. ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE (AWOL) — Absence without prior approval, a non-pay status resulting from an Agency determination that it will not grant any type of leave (not even leave without pay) for a period ...
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    Your Federal Benefits Guide

    Your Federal Benefits Guide
    The federal government is well-known for the wide array of lucrative benefits that it provides for its employees and their families. These incentives start early with recruitment and relocation benefits and continue to reap benefits for government employees throughout their lives. While this package is impressive, comprehending it can seem highly daunting because government websites are often difficult to maneuver. This ...
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    Federal Hiring 101: Learn What to Expect from Self-Assessments

    Federal Hiring 101: Learn What to Expect from Self-Assessments
    Just when you got those pesky knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) statements under your belt when applying to federal government jobs, a new trend has emerged: Self-assessment questions. Also called job-specific questions, self-assessment questions are found in increasing numbers of government agencies' applications. They will be new to some federal job seekers, but don't be put off. These questions are intended ...
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