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50 Fastest Hiring Federal Agencies This Summer

50 Fastest Hiring Federal Agencies This Summer

Currin Berdine | GovCentral

Federal agencies fill job openings like the private industry: most agencies are responsible for their own hiring actions, and often deploy “hiring sprees” in order to fill a large number of essential positions rapidly.

Important tip for federal job seekers: keep on track of the agencies that hire the most, and what positions they are hiring for. Since the federal government keeps track of the job vacancies at each agency, we can give you an accurate picture of where the most job openings are.

6) Army Installation Management Agency

Job Postings: 1,558

Job Descriptions: Environmental Protection Assistant, Information Technology Specialist (Data Management), Claims Examiner, Construction Inspector, Physical Security Specialist

7) Forest Service

Job Postings: 1,408

Job Descriptions: Natural Resources Specialist, Civil Engineer, Information Technology Specialist, Forestry Technician, Ecologist

8) Social Security Administration

Job Postings: 1,189

Job Descriptions: Accountant, Social Worker, Case Manager, Counselor

8) Army Reserve Command

Job Postings: 1,096

Job Descriptions: USAR Unit Administrator, Budget Analyst, Administrative Support Assistant, Heavy Mobile Equipment Repair, Human Resources Specialist

9) National Park Service

Job Postings: 859

Job Descriptions: Park Manager, Recreation Director, Admissions Manager (Search for National Park Services jobs)

10) Federal Aviation Administration

Job Postings: 854

Job Descriptions: Aviation Clerk, Federal Account Manager, Government Account Manager, Civil Engineer (Search for FAA jobs)

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