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Part-Time and Temporary Government Jobs Guide

Part-Time and Temporary Government Jobs Guide

By Currin Berdine, Lily Whiteman, and Monster Contributing Writers Carole Martin, Susan Aaron, Linda Wiener, Francesca Di Meglio

Government Part-Time and Temp Work 101

If you aren’t seeking a standard eight-hour, five-day-a-week position, a part-time or temp job might accommodate your schedule. “We have been successful in creating some job-sharing situations,” says Michael Lynch, president of the Des Moines office of temporary-employment agency Manpower. “That means sometimes we’ll assign two people to one job, allowing one person to work two days and the other to work the other three days of the workweek.”

Lily Whiteman, expert Federal Career Coach suggests, "Apply for temporary jobs and contract jobs: Temporary jobs in federal agencies and federal contracting jobs often segue almost seamlessly into permanent federal jobs and generate experience and contacts that may lead to permanent jobs.

Because temp agencies and contractors frequently hire faster than federal agencies do, working for federal contractors or temp agencies are particularly good options for unemployed job-hunters who need to start working quickly and for job-seekers who want to work part-time during their job searches.

You may find federal contract jobs by surfing through the websites of federal contractors; a hyperlinked list of the nation’s top 100 contractors is posted at You may find temporary agencies that help federal agencies staff up by surfing through the list of temp agencies posted at"

Popular Part-Time Government Jobs

National Park Uniformed Guards: many of whom work as a sub-unit of the Park Police in the National Capitol Region – patrol assigned areas to protect them from fire, theft, damage or trespassing. Most of these positions are part-time and require people with security backgrounds who can work irregular hours.

Go here for more information on National Park Service Careers.

Government Finance Careers: The federal government loves finance types. It hires accountants and auditors to prepare and analyze financial reports, as well as to review and record revenues and expenses. Auditors investigate agencies and programs, looking for fraud or waste. Tax examiners determine and collect taxes from businesses and citizens. Purchasing agents buy supplies, and management analysts figure out how to do it all better. Some of these positions are even available on a part-time basis.

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Federal Airport Screeners: Part-time opportunities are growing. TSA has begun hiring part-time positions to better staff the ebb and flow of flights and passengers. The part-time rate varies from about $11 to $20 an hour, depending on region and experience. That doesn’t mean full-time positions aren’t available at all; individual airports need full-time hires.

Go here for more information on Federal Airport Screeners.

How to Apply to USAJobs

Part-time positions are available on USAJOBS. To find one, simply enter “part time” into the keyword search box, answer the “Applicant Eligibility” question, and search. Click on the position title to learn about the job and follow the instructions under “How to Apply.”

Go here to see current USAJobs part-time job postings

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