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Special Opportunities for the Non-Traditional Government Job Seeker

Special Opportunities for the Non-Traditional Government Job Seeker

Not all job-seekers are created equal. If your situation is different than most, you might need special advice to land that perfect job. We’ve gathered expert advice and articles to help disabled workers, part-time or temp jobs, students, Senior Executive Service, Veterans, and those without an advanced degree.

Remember, many jobs need an advanced degree. Get more information here.

Find more job-seeking information for:

Workers with Disabilities

You won’t let a disability stop you from your perfect government job. Read our guide for you…


Don’t have time for the 9-5? Here’s some expert advice to find a part-time or temp government job…


Are you still in school or just graduated and are looking for your next step? Government work might be a great match! We’ve got all you need to know…

Senior Executive Service

The SES is compromised of seasoned professionals and leaders that fill in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees. Consider yourself a high-caliber candidate? Read on…


A Military-to-Federal job transition is a natural move in returning civilian life. Nobody can question the dedication and loyalty of somebody who has actively served the country for years. Here are:

  • 10 Steps to a Government Job – For Military Service Members.
  • Military-to-Federal Career Advice
  • Military and Defense Security Clearance Jobs.

  • Up to a 4-Year Degree

    Think because you don’t have an advanced degree you can’t have a high-paying career? Think again. High-Paying Stimulus Jobs You Can Get with No More Than a 4-Year Degree

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    Save time in your search for a degree program. Use Govcentral's School Finder to locate schools online and in your area.

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