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Top 25 Cities for Your Government Career

Top 25 Cities for Your Government Career

Currin Berdine, Tania Khadder, Anna Hennings, Adam Starr, Alice Handley | GovCentral

#1. Washington, D.C.

Population: The District has a resident population of 591,833; however, because of commuters from the surrounding suburbs, its population rises to over one million during the workweek.

Cost of Living Rank (in a 1-100 list): 85

Average Commute Time: 29.7 minutes 

Job Growth Rank (in a list of 372 Highest Growth Cities): 76

Jobs Listed on USA Jobs: 6547

Stimulus funds for Area:$100s of billion for federal and local projects

State recovery site:

In 2008, the federal government accounted for about 27% of the jobs in Washington, D.C. This is thought to immunize Washington to national economic downturns because the federal government continues operations even during recessions.However, as of January 2007, federal employees in the Washington area comprised only 14% of the total U.S. government workforce.

Bonus fun fact: Approximately 19.4% of Washington, D.C. is parkland, which ties New York City for largest percentage of parkland among high-density U.S. cities.

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