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10 Networking Secrets to Propel Your Career and Job Search

10 Networking Secrets to Propel Your Career and Job Search

From Keith Ferrazzi's "Never Eat Alone"

“For each and every thing you want to achieve in life — whether it’s landing a job, earning a raise or promotion or finding lifelong romance — there will be at least one person on the other end deciding whether you will achieve it and probably more than one person contributing to your cause. Everything we do can only be accomplished through and with other people. And since success of any kind requires relationships, the first thing you must realize is that you can’t get there alone.”

- Keith Ferazzi, Author of Never Eat Alone

Author and entrepreneur Keith Ferrazzi’s first networking secret: You’ll need help to achieve career success. Read all his secrets…

Networking Secret #1: You Can’t Get There Alone

Networking Secret #2: Make Business Relationships Personal
Author and entrepreneur Keith Ferrazzi’s second networking secret: Treat your business contacts as your friends.

Networking Secret #3: Find Your Blue Flame to Heat Up Your Career
Has your career gone cold? To reheat it, pinpoint where your passion and ability intersect with Keith Ferrazzi’s advice.

Networking Secret #4: Build It Before You Need It
Don’t wait until unemployment to build relationships. Keith Ferrazzi tells you how to lay the foundation now.

Networking Secret #5: Don’t Be a Networking Jerk
Self-centeredness is self-defeating, says Keith Ferrazzi. Learn how sincere generosity can boost your career.

Networking Secret #6: Become an Expert at Something
Creativity matters in today’s careers. Learn why Keith Ferrazzi thinks you should develop an area of expertise.

Networking Secret #7: Never Eat Alone
Building relationships means sharing your passions, and not just at the dinner table. Keith Ferrazzi shows you how.

Networking Secret #8: Buddy Up for Success
The buddy system isn’t just for kids anymore. Keith Ferrazzi outlines four ways you can team up for your career.

Networking Secret #9: Be a Conference Commando
A conference isn’t the place to be a commoner, says Keith Ferrazzi. Take command and build relationships to benefit your career.

Networking Secret #10: Go Ahead and Write Something
Everyone has a story to tell. Keith Ferrazzi explains how writing can help you find new contacts and build credibility.

What are you waiting for? Read Networking Secret #1: You Can’t Get There Alone

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