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KSA Dos and Don'ts

KSA Dos and Don'ts



  • Carefully read the vacancy announcement and note the required qualifications and KSAs.
  • Use action verbs and statements.
  • Include all current experience related to the KSAs whether paid or volunteer.
  • Arrange all of your experience in logical order (for example, chronological).
  • List education and training and identify title of course, hours, and relationship to the KSAs.
  • Include awards, month and year received, a brief description as to why you received the award and how it relates to the KSAs.
  • Type all information, or write legibly so that it can be clearly understood.
  • Tell what you do know and can do, not what you don’t know and cannot do.
  • Describe your experience and emphasize the skills you used that relate to the KSAs.


  • Don’t use words from your position description in writing your KSA responses.
  • Don’t describe work of others or that of the organization.
  • Don’t exaggerate.
  • Don’t be humble.
  • Don’t omit church, community, or club work.
  • Don’t cross-reference items in your application.
  • Don’t just state the kind of award and when it was received.
  • Don’t make it challenging for the reviewer – it probably won’t get full credit if it cannot be read.
  • Don’t attach unsolicited material such as letters of recommendation, training certificates, copies of awards, or examples of work.

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