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Expert Tips for a Stimulus Plan Resume

Expert Tips for a Stimulus Plan Resume

You and your resume must stand out from the crowd to succeed

Kathryn Troutman and Contributors: Joyce Lain Kennedy, Wendy Enelow, Jay Block, Joanne Kowlowitz and Elizabeth Juge

From Wendy Enelow, author of more than 50 resume writing books and leader in the industry.

Sell your success. Resume writing is all about sales, marketing and merchandising. You’re the product and the resume is the sales piece that you’ll use to merchandise your achievements … things that you have done to help increase revenues, reduce costs, improve profitability, develop new products, open new markets, capture new accounts, improve quality, increase productivity … the list goes on and on. Remember, past behavior is indicative of future performance, so be certain to showcase your achievements and communicate your success!

Be a specialist; not a generalist. Although you might think a more generalized resume would attract lots of different types of opportunities, the exact opposite is true. Companies, government agencies and others want to hire individuals with a specific area of expertise. If the job posting is for a Traffic Planning Analyst and you have that experience, then write a resume that positions you as someone with a wealth of experience in traffic planning and related functions. Don’t make a prospective employer have to “dig down” into your resume to find that information. They won’t!

Wendy S. Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW ‐ Author, Trainer & Career Consultant ‐ / Co‐Founder & Director ‐ Resume Writing Academy ‐ , Author, “Best Resumes for $100,000+ Jobs”

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