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Expert Tips for a Stimulus Plan Resume

Expert Tips for a Stimulus Plan Resume

You and your resume must stand out from the crowd to succeed

Kathryn Troutman and Contributors: Joyce Lain Kennedy, Wendy Enelow, Jay Block, Joanne Kowlowitz and Elizabeth Juge

From Jay Block, Innovative and Respected Career Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker

Begin with the “Criteria for Hire” in mind. Study each job posting carefully and identify the 6 to 8 ‘key’ qualifications necessary to land the job. Then ask yourself, “If I were hired for this position today, what RESULTS will I produce in the next year that will provide tangible evidence that I was, indeed, the best candidate for the job?” You are hired to produce RESULTS. Unfortunately, most job candidates only think ‘skills’ and ‘keywords’ when writing a résumé; rather than bottom line / organizational RESULTS they can contribute better than other qualified candidates. Once identified, create a high‐impact résumé that, in 15 seconds or less, communicates that you have the 6‐8 ‘key’ qualifications to produce the RESULTS that are expected for the position you are pursuing. Today, as always, RESULTS are the name of the game.

Six Degrees of Separation: It’s still WHO you know, not WHAT you know, that will give you a distinct advantage in landing a job. I would be remiss and irresponsible if I didn’t mention that how you distribute your résumé and who you give your résumé to are just as important (or more important) that what your résumé actually communicates. The concept behind the six degrees of separation is that you may be no more than six people (degrees) away from networking to the key decision‐maker for landing the job you are targeting. For instance, possibly a friend or family member might know a congressman / congresswoman who might know someone who knows the decision‐maker for the job you want. Given the gazillion résumés that are circulating today, you need to invest a good amount of time networking, developing contacts and building key strategic relationships that will ensure your résumé sits atop the pile !

Jay Block, CPCC – Best‐selling Author (14 books and Audiobooks), Executive Coach and Empowerment Trainer. / Co‐Founder PARW/CC; Department of Labor / Workforce Consultant & Trainer; International Train‐the‐Trainer Coach / Mentor.

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