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Expert Tips for a Stimulus Plan Resume

Expert Tips for a Stimulus Plan Resume

You and your resume must stand out from the crowd to succeed

Kathryn Troutman and Contributors: Joyce Lain Kennedy, Wendy Enelow, Jay Block, Joanne Kowlowitz and Elizabeth Juge

Knowing that job-seekers need to have the best resume possible now for the 3.5 million jobs that will appear in the next year or two, I asked 5 of the leading resume writers and career counselors and advisers in the country to give me their two best tips for writing a stand‐out, competitive Stimulus Plan Resume:

From Kathryn Troutman, Pioneering Designer of the Federal Resume and author of 9 books on federal resume writing

Be Competitive with More Research for Keywords. Think about your competition. What will it take to beat your competition? Don’t think just about your resume. In order to improve your competition, do more research to match your resume toward your target positions. What are the keywords for your target job and industry? Find them and make a list. Add to your federal or private industry resume.

Be Persistent with Your Campaign. Stay on top of the website to find out who is getting the Stimulus Plan funding. Follow up with the companies and find the jobs. Add the keywords to your resume and apply to positions that are in your region and with the right qualifications. Use Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook to manage contacts and keep your network informed of your job search activities. Sample Twitter Tweet: What are you doing now? I found a $25M contractor on Going to apply for a budget job. Stand by for success. Send me leads.

Author, Ten Steps to a Federal Job 2nd Edition, Federal Resume Guidbook and other publications on federal resume and job search strategies. Producer, www.resume‐ and Instructor, Federal Resume & KSA Writing Workshops. Open to the Public, dedicated to help you apply to federal jobs successfully.

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