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How Many Jobs Will Be Created/Saved in Your State?

How Many Jobs Will Be Created/Saved in Your State?

US Job Creation/Saved in Next Two Years Flash Map from

GovCentral and Recovery.Gov

Table 2: Jobs Created and Saved Listed by Highest Number/State

From this data, we found that the ratio of jobs saved or created to the population of the state are the same (about 1%.)

State          Jobs Created/Saved
California    369000
Texas    269000
New York    215000
Florida    207000
Illinois    148000
Pennsylvania    143000
Ohio    133000
Michigan    109000
Georgia    107000
North Carolina    105000
New Jersey    100000
Virgina    93000
Massachusetts    79000
Washington    75000
Indiana    75000
Tennessee    71000
Arizona    70000
Wisconsin    70000
Missouri    69000
Minnesota    66000
Maryland    66000
Colorado    60000
Alabama    52000
Lousinana    50000
South Carolina    50000
Kentucky    48000
Oregon    44000
Connecticut    41000
Oklahoma    40000
Iowa    37000
Nevada    34000
Kansas    33000
Utah    32000
Arkansas    32000
Mississippi    30000
Nebraska    23000
New Mexico    22000
West Virginia    20000
Idaho    17000
Hawaii    16000
New Hampshire    16000
Maine    15000
DC    12000
Rhode Island    12000
Montana    11000
Delaware    11000
South Dakota    10000
North Dakota    9000
Alaska    80000
Wyoming    8000
Vermont    8000

See estimation methods here.

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