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The Benefit of Telecommuting

The Benefit of Telecommuting

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Several years ago my husband and I decided to move from the DC area because we had family obligations in Texas. It was difficult to tell my boss that I was leaving. Thank goodness I brought along a box of tissue because, as expected, he cried a lot at the news. Not really, I just like messing with him. If I mysteriously disappear from the blog next week, you’ll know that he was not amused.

Although the federal government offers its employees many benefits, at the time, telework/telecommuting was relatively new in the government. Telework was not something my office routinely offered, but happily, my management said yes to teleworking for a 3-month trial period. It has worked out so well, that here it is 3+ years later and I am still teleworking. Throughout the government, telework is now becoming more accepted. Many agencies offer teleworking one day a week to employees. My situation is a little different in that I am a full-time teleworker from Texas working out of my home for my DC office, but here are some of my observations about telework:

• For it to work well, the teleworking employee has to be independent and self-motivated. A good work ethic in the office can translate into a good work ethic anywhere. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. A person who is continually unreliable in the office will only be more so teleworking. Management has to be firm about allowing only productive and reliable employees to telework. Telework isn’t a right; it should be an earned privilege. If a teleworker’s performance declines, teleworking should be revoked for that person.

• Attracting new employees and better employee retention, increased productivity, and creating a federal workforce capable of continuing to work during a crisis from an alternate location are just a few of the benefits to the government.

• As someone with health issues, the time I save from not commuting allows me to make healthy meals, get more rest, and make time for exercise. I also save money on gas, lunch, and my clothing budget.

Interested in teleworking? Here are some helpful government teleworking resources:

GSA telework centers
Status of telework
Success stories
Frequently asked questions about telework

Teleworking has significantly helped my life. I am healthier and less stressed because of it. Please share your teleworking comments and experiences.

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    over 4 years ago


    I've been running my online t shirt printing company for years via a mobile broadband connection. I'll say that the speed has definetly improved recently and its alot better and easyier to use

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    over 4 years ago


    There are various telecommuting benefits that is the reason teleworking is becoming more and more popular.With the help of this employees will save money on fuel, contribute to improved traffic, save on commuting time and help reduce air pollution caused by auto exhaust.
    m3 karte

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    almost 6 years ago


    I agree! I have been working from home since last May, and have found that you truly have to be very focused and driven to do so. Teleworking does relieve stress and for me, allows opportunity to be much more productive. I am glad to see that the government is starting to see the value of allowing responsible individuals to telework. The benefits are tremendous!

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