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Don't Be Shy: Let Your Experience Shine

Don't Be Shy:  Let Your Experience Shine

Kathryn Troutman | Federal Career Coach

“I am my biggest critic and always “play down” my accomplishments. HELP ME!" – Frustrated Job Hunter

This is what one federal job seeker wrote this question to me this evening. I suggested that he do some self-talk to build up his confidence and convince himself that he is a GREAT candidate for a new job.

Script for Self-Talk

“I really do want a new job and I know that I have some excellent skills. In fact, I know that you would be a great asset to an organization. Since I don’t have a personal public relations representative, I have to represent myself. And if want a new position and I want to earn more money, I have to make myself speak well about my achievements and projects. I don’t have any choice but to present my skills and abilities, and demonstrate my excellent services to past clients. I can do this. “

Say that out loud a few times each day. Say it with energy and enthusiasm!


Three Self Confidence Problems

The “team” mentality. Many jobseekers are convinced that they can’t take credit for what they did with a team. They don’t think about what they did on the team to make the project a success. I continually remind people that the TEAM isn’t looking for a job, you are looking for the job. The team depended on YOU to complete a component of the work. You have to think about your contributions and ideas for the team.

“Service before self”. The military drums this into the heads of military personnel when they are performing their military service. When the service is over, it’s time to bring self back up to the top and service next. Yes, you want to think and talk about the best you offered the service and what you did to keep people and resources safe, save money, improve efficiency and manage complex logistics.

It’s time to talk about your contributions to SERVICE.

I was always taught not to brag. Right. But you don’t have to brag. You can simply describe the successful projects that you managed, the new ideas that you introduced, the innovations that you recommended , the suggestions you made that were accepted, and the people you motivated to perform better. That’s not bragging, that’s just discussing successful ideas and programs – that you initiated.

Confidence is important in a job search. You need to KNOW that you will be a great employee. That you will work hard, dedicate yourself to the position. Confidence is KNOWING you will be an asset to that organization and perform very well in that position. Competition requires confidence!

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