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Get Rescued with Your Resume

Get Rescued with Your Resume

Kathryn Troutman | Federal Career Coach

Does your career need to be rescued? Do you need a job? Your resume can get you rescued if it’s outstanding, sizzling, targeted, interesting and friendly!

How can you create this great resume?

Target the resume. Find your announcement that is of interest and analyze 5 to 10 keywords in the announcement. Add these words in your resume.

Let’s say you are a real estate agent out of work.

1. Research Announcements: Go to and search for Realty Specialist. Here is a job announcement for a Realty Specialist in Ogden, Utah with Dept. of Agriculture. The keywords are in bold. If you have had experience with land development, this position could work for you.

2. Research keywords:

Major Duties:

• Performs work involving the maintenance and administration of the land status record system by processing cases associated with the acquisition of real estate by purchase, rental, lease, exchange, or donation. Assignments may include land status record case processing for real property exchange and right of way acquisitions and or grants.

• Plans and coordinates one or more special projects or programs associated with land status record system. Serves as the primary contact on aspects associated with the land status program.

3. How it Should Look in Your Resume:

See the resume example

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