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9 Great Jobs for Vets in 2009

9 Great Jobs for Vets in 2009

Kelly Johnson |

Reports of the unemployment rate surging to its highest level since 1945 (more than 7 percent), and the bad economy’s nationwide damage to the blue-collar and white-collar industries, is enough to make any transitioning servicemember high-tail it back to the service for a bit more job security.

However, with all of this economic turmoil, nine civilian jobs have proven that they will survive the recession and provide a great opportunity for veterans and transitioning servicemembers.

Some of the occupations — which were compiled by U.S. News — on the list will come as no surprise to veterans as good, recession-proof occupations. However, one will come as a surprise.

Education: Even in the current slowdown, our political leaders seem committed to education spending, and voters continue to pass education bonds to upgrade facilities.

Utilities: This is the classic defensive stock investment, reports U.S. News. Despite turbulent financial waters, utilities stay afloat.

Home, care, commercial, and industrial repair: In a bad economy, the rule — don’t replace, repair. It doesn’t just go for you and your 12-year-old sedan or your leaky toilet. In a depression, struggling care manufacturers will more often opt to repair than replace a balky welding robot.

Alternative energy: Despite all of the attention to solar wind and energy, it’s possible that the nuclear industry would, over the next decade, create the most jobs.

Health Care: The jobs with the most security include registered nurses, physician assistants, internal medicine physicians, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, and physical assistants.

Law Enforcement: In tough times, the level of crime tends to increase. Many veterans have the training law enforcement agencies want in potential recruits.

Community College: Many people return to school for retraining when they’re unable to land a good job. Community colleges teach technical skills and offer practical, career-related training at an affordable price.

Repossession, foreclosure, and debt collection: When borrowers can’t pay back their loans on homes or cars or credit cards, someone has to collect and evict. If you’re a car person, there will be jobs repossessing giant SUV’s from borrowers who took advantage of no-qualification loans even when they knew it was more than they could afford.

Government (especially homeland security, health care, accounting/auditing, information technology, and taxes): The public sector may be the last bastion of secure employment, requiring 40-hour workweeks and offering ample sick days, holidays, and vacation days.

Surprising stable occupation, Entertainment: Hollywood, video gaming, and the creative arts industry are all expected to thrive as the economy continues to decline. People need a break from all the doom and gloom they see on television or read in the newspaper, so they crave a bit of escapism and head to the movies.

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