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Your Guide to Government Healthcare Jobs

Your Guide to Government Healthcare Jobs

Nuclear Medicine Technician Series: GS-0642

This series includes positions that involve using radionuclides (exclusive of sealed radiation sources) for diagnostic, therapeutic, and investigative purposes. Such positions require a technical knowledge of the principles and practices of nuclear medicine and the ability to perform tests and examinations using radionuclides, radiation detectors, scanning apparatus, and related equipment in medical laboratories and clinics.

Potential Salary
GS-2 (High School Diploma): $19,721 – $24,815
GS-3 (1 Year Full-Time Study Post-High School): $21,517 – $27,979
GS-4 (Associate Degree or 2 Years of Full-Time Study Post-High School): $24,156 – $31,401
GS-5 (Bachelor’s Degree or 4 Years of Full-Time Study Post-High School): $27,026 – $35,135
GS-7 (Bachelor’s Degree + 1 Year Full-Time Graduate Study): $33,477 – $43,521
GS-9 (Master’s Degree or 2 Years Full-Time Graduate Study or Law Degree): $40,949 – $53,234
GS-11 (Ph.D. or Equivalent Doctorate or Advanced Law Degree): $49,544 – $64,403

Job Search
GS-0642 Nuclear Medicine Technician Series jobs are available now! Use series code 0642 to search for government nuclear medicine technician jobs on GovCentral’s job board.

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