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Top Government Job Searches (Nov. 2008)

Top Government Job Searches (Nov. 2008)

Kyle Stone | Editor

Finding a new government job is not going to get any easier until the Administrative Transition has taken place. Even then, we should not expect a new dawn to sweet away America’s difficult economic situation on January 1st, 2009. These things take time. Want my advice? Don’t wait with your fingers crossed. Stay laser-focused on your job search now, and keep working hard until you land a position. Even if you’re able to get temporary or contractor work, every little bit helps.

This article analyzes job search patterns of other government job seekers. This particular set of data reveals 25 job profiles which have been actively viewed by the largest number of applicants on the USAJOBS database. You can use this information in two ways: first, to know which jobs are in very high demand, and second, to know which jobs are in little demand (these jobs might be more aggressive about hiring somebody with less qualifications).

The methods you use to search for jobs directly correlates to your success. Make sure you’re not wasting your time applying for positions you have little chance of landing.

More than 20,000 Searches:

1. Customs and Border Patrol – 100,533 Views
2. Immigrations Officer – 66,139 Views
3. Examiner Specialist – 50,224 Views
4. Administrative Law Judge – 32,591 Views
5. Compliance Specialist – 32,550 Views

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