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Transition: Hottest Jobs, Majors and Agencies

Transition: Hottest Jobs, Majors and Agencies

Kathryn Troutman | Federal Career Coach

When President-Elect Barack Obama gave his Acceptance Speech, Kathryn Troutman immediately began to analyze his recently published “Blueprint for Change: Obama and Biden’s Plan for America”. This publication outlines the next administration’s plans for future jobs, college majors, industry training, and federal agencies with new and expanded missions.

Essentially, this plan attempts to get America’s economy back on track by creating more jobs and funding new initiatives to improve the efficiency, environmental safety, and manufacturing capabilities of America. Troutman’s analysis of this plan should not be missed: it will give you a much better sense of where the real growth will be, and how it will affect jobs you are applying for.

Obama and Biden’s Plan to Create Good-Paying Jobs

Job Keywords: Manufacturing, Green Jobs, Clean Technologies, Biofuels, Energy-focused, Renewable Energy, Digital Electricity Grid, Green Technologies, National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank, Transportation Infrastructure, Finance, Emergency Management, Weatherization, Natural Disaster Threats.

1) Invest in the Manufacturing Sector, Create 5 Million New Green Jobs

2) Manufacturing New Technology

3) Green Jobs – Biofuels and Fuel Infrasructure

4) Green Technologies

5) Create New Job Training Programs for Clean Technologies

6) Youth Programs

7) New Jobs through National Infrastructure Investment

Summary + Hot List

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