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9 Useful Federal Job Facts

9 Useful Federal Job Facts

Kathryn Troutman | Federal Career Coach

With new energy, enthusiasm and interest in the Obama Administration, it’s time to consider the Federal Government as your employer. Since the private industry job market is getting worse every day, it’s time to go begin a serious search.

Here are nine facts about federal jobs (and job applications) which will get you working more productively towards a new job.

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Look for actual job openings in federal agencies in the Careers channel

There are between 40,000 and 181,000 jobs open everyday at USAJOBS. The job announcements include salaries, geographic location, closing dates, duties and qualifications required for the job. The job announcements seem long, but they are informative for your applications.

Most federal applications are 3 parts in “How to Apply”

The job announcements include a page on “How to Apply” that will describe a multiple-part application. The application could be a federal resume, a questionnaire or Knowledge, Skills and Abilities narratives, and separate fax for military DD-214, college transcripts,

Very important section in the announcement – Qualifications

Be sure to read the Qualifications section and the “One Year Specialized Experience” they are looking for in the most qualified applications. Your resume should include the specialized experience and examples of this experience.

It doesn’t take too long to get news of your application

The Office of Personnel Management is encouraging agencies to hire applicants in 45 days. From the closing date until the actual job offer, they are trying for 45 days. They may not hit this deadline, but they are trying.

The federal resume and the USAJOBS Resume Builder

The federal resume is longer than your private industry resume. Add more details that will support the job announcements. Read the Duties section carefully and be sure to mention the skills that you have that will demonstrate your ability to do this job.

Visit GovCentral’s Resume Center for more information.

Writing Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Narratives is just giving an example

Don’t be intimidated, just write an example that demonstrates that you have a certain knowledge, skill or ability. This is the government’s way of doing a pre-interview. They are screening you ahead of time.

Apply for multiple jobs in your federal job campaign

You can set up an Agent to get the job announcements sent to your email automatically. Or you can check USAJOBS regularly for more positions. With the new administration there could be many new positions coming up with new initiatives and new staff to replace the outgoing staff.

Tap your network, be determined

Be sure to write or talk to your network of friends and family members who may work for the federal government or know others who work for the government. Your network of contacts may not hire your or give you a job, but they can give you inside agency information about agencies that are hiring and jobs that are coming up in the near future. A “core competency” for success with a federal job search is determination. Other online research could be looking at the actual agency website for job openings.

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