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Explosive Growth in Government Jobs

Explosive Growth in Government Jobs

Can Obama's strong focus on creating jobs pull the United States out of a recession?

Kyle Stone | Editor

Energy and Environment

One of the first and most striking changes we’re going to see under Obama’s presidency will be stronger investment into alternative energy sources and renewable energy. One of the most widely advertised components of Obama’s campaign was his promise to create 5 million new ‘green’ jobs during his first term in office.


Energy: – An estimated 2.28 million news jobs could be created in energy over the next ten years.

Obama also plans to develop and deploy clean coal technology, and to invest in energy efficiency improvements.

Energy and Environment: Obama stated that he will prioritize the construction of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline – this may translate into large growths in the manufacturing industry.

Automotive: Ohio alone lost more than 200,000 automotive manufacturing jobs during the Bush administration; Obama plans to re-create automotive jobs on a large scale.

Obama also will focus on developing and deploying clean coal technology, and will prioritize the construction of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline.

This translates into large growths in the manufacturing industry. The technology needed to create real breakthrough in alternative energy and energy efficiency is very sophisticated. Many jobs will be created which require graduate and post-graduate environmental science, IT, and engineering degrees.

Automotive: Obama plans to put 1 million electric-hybrid cars on the road by 2015. The manufacturing of fuel-efficient cars will mean a lot of jobs at the state government level.

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